Order Changes and Cancellation

Sex Toys | Lingerie | Accessories

  • Please contact us immediately at: [email protected] if you would like to change or cancel your order.   
  • If you have already received a tracking number, it may be too late. We will work together to figure out a solution. 
  • If the new total is less, we will refund the difference to your payment method.  
  • If the new total is more, we will invoice for the difference. The order will not ship until the difference is paid. 

Sex Dolls

  • Please contact us within 24 hours: [email protected] for changes or cancellations.  
  • Sex Dolls are custom and made to order. Unfortunately, beyond 24 hours we are unable to make major changes; or cancel the order. Major changes would include anything related to the molding process (body type, skin tone, type of vagina, face, etc). We may be able to change features such as eye or hair color. Email us before shipment at: [email protected]