Counterfeit Sex Dolls Have Become a Big Problem

We have done a tremendous amount of research regarding counterfeit sex dolls and online purchases in general. We needed to know what we were competing against, and what our potential customers were seeing in the market. I wrote this guide to educate sex doll customers. My hope is this guide will arm you with information even if you don’t buy from us. There are a lot of great, genuine realistic sex doll vendors out there. And of course, the team at Alluring Sex Toys would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. There is no reason to spend your hard-earned money on a counterfeit sex doll.

Our Story… 

We started out selling Realistic Sex Dolls locally and continue to do so. Operating that way requires one-on-one conversation and meeting with our customers and we’ve met a lot of great people. It gives us a lot of valuable insight into what is important to our customers. A common concern we hear from our customers is: “Amazon and eBay have the same doll you’re selling for cheaper”. We were curious and took a look. In some cases, the prices listed were less than our cost. We asked ourselves “Are we paying too much, or are they selling them at a loss?” We did a bunch of research and talked with our supplier. What we learned was shocking. Counterfeit sex dolls have become a big problem. If you value your health, time, and money do not buy counterfeit sex dolls.

This topic hits close to home for a couple of reasons…  

  1. Years ago, I purchased a large number of smartphones to resell from a supplier I trusted. When I received them, it was obvious they were counterfeit. The order was a lot of money, and without product to sell, it would have taken me years to pay back. 
  2. We have worked with customers that unknowingly purchased counterfeit sex dolls. They had to buy a doll from us to replace the substandard doll they received.       

Counterfeiters Target Popular Products and Trends 

When high-end products gain popularity counterfeiters try to capitalize, and the Sex Doll industry is no different. Most realistic sex dolls manufacturers are based in China. There are little to no copyright or trademark laws in China and intellectual property theft is rampant.  This compounds the counterfeit sex doll issue.


Counterfeiters steal designs from top manufacturers, create inferior products, and pass them off as genuine. In addition, they use the manufacturer’s photos in their ads to sell their counterfeit sex dolls. To entice consumers, they advertise prices that are far less than the average. These thieves come in, take your hard-earned money, and disappear just as quickly. They are not concerned with selling quality products or customer satisfaction. After all, it’s not their reputation on the line. The counterfeiters are hiding behind other companies’ brands and tarnishing their reputation.  

Preferred Platforms 

Amazon and eBay are the most popular platforms for counterfeit sex dolls because of the size and popularity of those marketplaces.  Amazon and eBay work diligently to remove counterfeiters. However, it takes customer complaints and time. Thieves try to curb consumer complaints with partial refunds or counteract them with fake reviews. Amazon and eBay are large marketplaces requiring a lot of resources to police, consequently, bad apples slip through. To put it in perspective, Amazon recently reported that third party listings exceeded their own by 3%. The majority of new third party sellers are small businesses from China. 

Also, some scammers distribute their counterfeit sex dolls to other businesses or set up their own website. There are tell-tale signs to look out for whether it’s Amazon, eBay, or a website. This guide isn’t all-encompassing, just trends I have noticed and how I personally approach making purchases.  

Tell-Tale Signs 

Realistic Sex Dolls are substantial financial and personal investments. A little due diligence will save you time, energy, and money. With all that in mind, ask yourself: “Are the few dollars I’ll initially save worth buying a substandard counterfeit sex doll?” Nope, it’s wasted time and money. You’ve got better shit to do. 


 The biggest tell of all is the price. The top manufacturers have minimum advertised pricing requirements for resellers. This helps to expose counterfeiters, protects their brand, and prevents reseller price wars. The manufacturer will cut resellers off for going below minimums. In other words: if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeiters know price influences most customers’ decisions. Consequently, these counterfeiters sell on price because it makes their product seem appealing. Everyone wants a deal, right? Think of it this way, if you found any other popular product for significantly less costwould you be skeptical? You sure as hell would be, you’re smarter than that.  


 If there are any reviews, they can be a useful indicator. Don’t look only at the overall rating; or the number of 4- and 5-star reviews vs lower rankings. Most counterfeiters use a mix of 4- and 5-star reviews to avoid fake review suspicion. In addition, look for review ratings to be either high or low and nothing in the middle. What are the odds that everyone either had a good or bad experience with no 2- or 3-star ratings?  

Overall Reviews for a counterfeit sex doll listed on Amazon.

Read The Written Reviews

Read what’s written in the reviews and look at any customer photos. Do customer photos match the photos in the ad? Also, Look for similar comments throughout the reviews. For example, I recently looked at Dolls on Amazon listed by a specific seller. Almost all the 4- and 5-star reviews mentioned the same things stated slightly different. Specifically, the weight, appearance, and their experience with it. Sex Dolls can be a bit heavy and mentioning weight by itself isn’t odd. However, combined with the other similarities, and for all them to make a similar statement: “If you’re a little guy it might be tough to move around.” Could it be reviewers piggybacking off each other? That’s possible, although people will typically say “as others have mentioned…”  

Possible counterfeit sex doll listed on Amazon with similar 5-Star Reviews

Companies Buy Reviews

Maybe I am reading into it too much because of this article I recently read from BuzzFeed. If you have a few minutes, it’s worth the read. It pertains to purchases in general, not just Sex Dolls. To summarize: the article was about a woman getting free products from small companies. They required her to buy the product at full price with her own money. After she left a 5-star review and the return period expired the seller would reimburse her. It’s one thing to offer customers a product in exchange for an honest review. However, what the article details is deceptive to consumers, disenfranchises other sellers offering competing products, and circumvents Amazon policy.  

Incorrect or Missing Brands 

Brand isn’t as easy of a tell as some of the others listed. A lot of the counterfeiters will use the photos from the manufacturer, list the actual brand, and claim that it is genuine.

Brand issues to look out for…

  • The brand listed doesn’t match what you know to be the actual manufacturer. (See the screenshot below for an example)
  • The brand matches the seller or website name, and it’s not the manufacturer. Even if the reseller has a doll that is exclusive to them they will typically use the manufacturer’s name.
  • No brand name listed, or they use the term “Generic”. Do you really want to buy a generic sex doll?

The biggest indicator is if a brand is missing entirely. For example, the listing is clearly for a WM Doll and the seller or site is using WM’s photos. However, they don’t list a brand at all, remove WM’s logos from the photos, and they cropped to exclude WM listed in the bottom left of the photo. If the seller is offering a genuine WM Doll, why wouldn’t they want to list that?

Possible counterfeit WM Doll listed on a website. The image was cropped to remove WM in the bottom left details, and they removed the logo watermark. Also, no mention on the page of what brand the doll is.


Very few product photos may give you an indication. Also, are their images clear and sized properly? Most of the major doll manufacturers put their logo (watermark) or the resellers’ logo on the images to avoid image and design theft. Removing logos and watermarks from images is difficult and time-consuming. Depending on the placement of the logo, it’s almost impossible without some trace. These counterfeiters will remove the logos from the images they can and use those for their product listing. Most of the manufacturers we work with provide us with photo sets of between 10-20 photos from all different angles. Why wouldn’t a seller want to use as many as possible? 

Language and Overall Look and Feel of the Listing or Website 

By itself, the language used, and the quality of the site is not a good indication. The counterfeiter’s website and product listing could be outstanding. However, it’s worth mentioning because you can use it in conjunction with the other signs mentioned. In other words, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  

Weird title formatting, excessive use of symbols to emphasize text, and odd word choice.

What to Look For

We’ve all been on a sketchy website. You get a ‘Spidey sense’ telling you not to submit your personal information. Here are a few things to look out for… 

  •  Is there a lock next to the web address in your browser? Usually, your browser will warn you that the site isn’t secure but don’t rely on that. Check before you chose to do business there or submit information.  
  • Does the website look professional and well put together? It doesn’t have to be flashy or on the same level as a major company. Most small businesses don’t have those kinds of resources. But the website is a company’s ‘image’. It should look somewhat well put together.  
  • Is it easy to use and navigate? Do links or buttons work, or do they take you to error pages? Also, are pages taking a while to load or giving an error? 
  • Do the theme and stock images match the products they are selling? For example, I came across a site selling sex dolls that had an illustrated image of an old school drive up and cars in one of their banners, and a food image in their contact us area. The food looked delicious, but it doesn’t match.  
  • Finally, the language and word choice used. Look at the product descriptions, Q&A section, blog post, and policies.

Issues with Counterfeit Sex Dolls  

Sold for half the cost, most counterfeits appear to be a deal. The reality is, that’s still a good amount of money. There is no denying that comparatively, the prices are very appealing. I have been asked, “The images in the product listing are the same, what’s the difference?” Buying a counterfeit sex doll will cost financially, but more importantly, it will cost your time. Your time spent buying it, and time spent trying to dispute the purchase with the seller or your credit card if it isn’t as promised (often unsuccessfully). In addition, you’ll spend a lot of time repairing it instead of enjoying it. Also, you’d be financially rewarding a thief that stole another companies’ product and is selling you a substandard product. 

Common Problems with Counterfeit Realistic Sex Dolls  

TPE or Silicone Materials and Molds 

Counterfeiters use inferior TPE formulas, materials and molds. Their goal is to produce the Sex Dolls as cheaply as possible to maximize their profit. They are not concerned with using high-quality, body-safe chemicals, or working in a sterile environment. They are hiding behind other companies’ brands, remember? In addition, the toxic chemicals used are not only unsafe for you, but they emit a heavy chemical smell that doesn’t go away. Eventually, the material dries out and the skin loses its elasticity. The TPE then becomes brittle and breaks down or degrades. Sex Dolls are made to be intimate with. Do you want to be in contact with something made of toxic materials, or breath in potentially toxic fumes?

Look and Feel  

Typically, the counterfeit dolls will not have the same look or feel of a genuine product. The face may have a generic look and not match the photos. Or, the skin tone of the face may not match the body. The body won’t have the defining features shown in the images. For example muscle tone, dimples on the lower back above the butt, and the vagina may not look realistic. Also, the vagina and butt openings may be more forward or back than they should be; which could make it difficult to use. Finally, the skin will not be soft and feel realistic.  

Body Shape and Size 

Counterfeit manufacturers will typically rent temporary space to mass produce dolls in a short period. Not only does this cause a quality control issue, but the doll will be stored in a shipping box for an extended period. Storing the doll causes the butt to flatten out and lose its shape, which doesn’t correct itself and can’t be repaired. Also, the various measurements of the doll may not be as advertised. It may be shorter, incorrect breast size, the thighs may be thinner, etc…  

Bait and Switch

Counterfeiters will often advertise the price of every doll with the smallest body available and at the lowest possible price. This tactic entirely misrepresents the doll. Typically, they have a drop-down box or another method for you to select the body you want. However, if you don’t catch it you end up with a shorter and smaller body. In some cases, the scammer doesn’t give you an option to choose a different body. The counterfeiter will only state the doll is smaller in the description. However, the customer thinks they are getting the doll from the photos. In other words, it’s a total bait and switch. 


Again, they use the cheapest material possible. The joints will either be very stiff and difficult to move and creak. Or, the joints will be loose and unable to hold a position. Eventually, the skeleton will break typically at the lower back. In addition, when the skeleton breaks it will split the skin. This is a very extensive repair that requires some skill and it generally isn’t worth it.  

Save Yourself the Time and Money 

Buying a Realistic Sex Doll is a financial and personal investment. If budget is a concern, you can finance the Doll through PayPal Credit. Also, you can apply for financing during checkout. If you’d prefer not to finance the Doll, save until you can afford to get the genuine doll you want. Why waste your time and money on a counterfeit sex doll? You will just end up disappointed and spend more money in the long run. In the meantime, we offer a lot of great Sex Toys alternatives, including Fleshlight.  

We have carefully curated the selection on our site. We offer only established brands that have strict quality controls in place and have well-established reputations.  They are the highest quality and most innovative companies available. Also, we offer a 30-Day Guarantee that covers your realistic sex doll. If there is an issue, we will resolve it.